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The world of hospitality and retail has changed significantly in the past decade. Restaurants, hotels, and retail stores are now among the most complex networking environments that require absolute security, reliability, and uptime. Not only must these environments support secure Point-of-Sale terminals, but often a fleet of mobile devices used for ordering, inventory, and security. Throw in remote camera systems, guest networks, and dozens of IoT devices, and it can be challenging to maintain a rock-solid PCI-compliant security posture.

SRN has built its core business around providing superior secure networking and IT services for the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries. For hospitality and retail, a drop in coverage isn’t an inconvenience but means a significant and tangible loss in revenue and reputation. SRN’s team of experienced technology professionals support and manage networks for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands. From strategy and design to deployment, management, and support, Secured Retail allows clients to focus on priorities that grow their core business on a secure and reliable network.

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Network Design & Implementation
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Cloud Migration
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