Vintage office technology in need of a technical support specialist

Some people feel they don’t really need a technical support specialist to help them maintain the tech in their organization. That’s fine, they’re free to feel that way. But when they start to notice certain things within their own business, it might be time to reconsider and look into a technical support specialist. Let’s look at a few.

When Your Machines Turn On You
Allegedly, we’re still a few years away from true AI allowing computers to self-manage, but that doesn’t mean your current setup will always cooperate. We believe computers don’t have feelings, but are we really sure about that? Is it just happenstance that every time you are rushing to meet a deadline, THAT’S the time your computer decides to do one of the following:

  • Lock up
  • Run a “required update” and reboot
  • Dddddrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaggggg assss sllooooowwwwlllyy assss posssssibbbblllle . . .

Coincidence? Maybe. Or . . . maybe you said something to offend it and it just doesn’t feel like playing nice-nice with you anymore? It could be nothing. But you’d best have a technical support specialist, just to be sure.

When Your Current IT Guy is Stumped
It’s a bad sign when your IT equipment simply refuses to function. It’s an even worse sign when your IT guy is as clueless as you are about how to fix the problem. It’s worrisome when your handsomely paid IT support person’s range of technical repair knowledge consists of:

  • Control+Alt+Delete
  • Reboot
  • Blowing in the vents
  • Hard reboot
  • Jiggling the wires

After all this, if your IT guy’s solution is to say, “Well, you need a new computer,” it’s time to look into hiring a technical support specialist.

When Your Technology is as Old as You Are
If you still see the value in your “perfectly well-functioning computer and printer setup,” even though it’s – as you may put it – “a few years old,” you’ll likely be amazed at not only the amount of productivity you can gain from upgrades by your technical support specialist, but also at the refreshingly reasonable amount you’ll pay for their services. If you have any devices that include:

  • Commodore 64
  • Apple IIc
  • Amiga
  • Windows 3.1
  • DOS (as one of your MAIN operating systems)
  • A dot matrix printer with perforated spool paper

You definitely need to speak with a technical support specialist.

It’s Your Lucky Day! Secured Retail Networks HAS Technical Support Specialists!
Don’t let trivial things get in the way of your company’s success. Let us sit down with you and figure out how to take your business to the next level. And, if you’re really still using any of the previously mentioned systems, we’d love to see them!  . . . annnnnd then replace them. Let’s talk.

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