Keeping Ahead of COVID-19

It’s been nearly a week since Gov. Gavin Newsom announced California’s “stay at home” order, a move aimed at staving off the rapid advance of COVID-19 through our state. Since then, many more cities, states, and countries have implemented similar measures, leading to a sudden and massive shift to the way business is performed globally.

We want to assure you that SRN is fully operational, working to protect your networking infrastructure and keep your operations secure. We are utilizing the same technology that we promote to make sure our team members can work remotely and securely.

We understand that the current pandemic is significantly impacting our clients, many of whom are based in the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries. We also realize that supply chains have been disrupted across many sectors.

We are proactively working with our clients to help them make the best of a bad situation. We are maintaining our services and support levels for all of our customers. We are communicating with our technology partners and distributors to understand the status of product availability.

We are doing our best to remain flexible in this fluid situation. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, don’t panic. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

If you need to ramp up remote-work capabilities for your workers quickly, call us, and we’ll give you some unbiased advice.

In the next few days, our VP of Engineering, Preston Strait III, will have some helpful technology advice. Please stay tuned.

Stay Well,

Jamie Ellison,
Vice President of Strategy

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