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Weekends, evenings, and holidays are for relaxing and spending time with the family. But for business owners or management, they can also be a time to check off tasks that don’t fit into the regular workweek. Some tasks are simple, such as cleaning out old filing cabinets. But other chores are daunting and can lead to more frustration than just loss of time with loved ones. One such job is upgrading computer and network systems, otherwise known as professional services.

There’s no time to upgrade slow computers when the CFO must complete accounting in time for a quarterly budget meeting, so their plans for sleeping in on Sunday must suffer. Moving office spaces is hard enough, but remembering how to reconnect servers after moving can turn a morning weekend job into a 12-hour shift and a canceled afternoon trip to the park.

Stop missing your children’s soccer games and take your spouse on a date by trashing your IT hat and allowing someone else to do your professional services.

Professional Services to the Rescue
Let an IT company that specializes in Professional Services take care of you by working for you during off-hours. From removing and updating old computer systems to installing new servers, no task is too big or too small, and each service can be tailored to fit your company’s needs and budget. The beauty of professional services is they are most often one-time expenditures.

Beyond saving your precious weekends, anytime an IT engineer conducts professional services for your company, they think about your weekdays as well by ensuring your new/upgraded equipment is configured to increase productivity. If you can better manage your week’s workload, you might also have peace of mind about taking your child to the doctor midweek instead of hiring a babysitter.

IT professionals think of time-saving solutions most companies would never consider.

Imagining Life Outside of the Office
Stop thinking it will only take a few minutes. It’s not just a menial task if it involves any additional work on your part. Here’s a list of some professional services IT companies offer and what you could be doing with family instead:

  • Replacing your entire accounting department’s computers, when you could be grilling barbecue at the park with your grandkids.
  • Updating your Wi-Fi routers to Wave 2 technology, when you could be bowling with your spouse on a date.
  • Installing a digital phone system, when you could be calling your parents who live out of state.
  • Configuring your existing servers to maximize space and performance, when you could be your siblings.
  • Rearranging your company’s unsightly cabling and dropping new lines, when you could be mountain biking with your kids.

The possibilities are endless for both, but only one is personally enriching and relaxing. Let your IT engineer explore technology solutions while you explore the world outside of your office with loved ones.

The Value of Family and Professional Services
The cost, time, and knowledge required to conduct IT services varies depending on your company’s specific needs, but the value of time lost with family never changes. It’s always a lose-lose situation when relationships take the backburner for the sake of productivity.

While not every IT company sees it the way we do, Secured Retail Networks treats each client like family. Let us protect your network while you protect your time with your personal family.

Take your weekends back.

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