COVID-19 Crisis is Exposing Companies to Increased Cybersecurity Risk

At SRN, our focus is on helping companies deploy and maintain secure networking environments, a role that we take very seriously. Each day we perform the essential task of proactively monitoring and managing networks for some of the world’s most recognizable companies. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, companies are relying on remote workers more than ever to fulfill their business missions. As the crisis deepens, we are seeing urgent warnings from security firms and law enforcement about threats targeting both companies and their at-home workforce. 

While most companies already had remote access capabilities in place, the sheer number of employees that are using these capabilities is unprecedented. During the early weeks of the crisis, many businesses were overwhelmed by expanding their remote-work capabilities to workers who never used these capabilities before.

What we are urging companies to do today is RE-EVALUATE their remote work programs and processes, making sure they are efficient and secure. The increased exposure to critical company infrastructure is opening new vectors of attack for the world’s cybercriminals. We’ve compiled some resources to help you along.

Re-evaluate Your Remote Workforce Security Strategies
Once you have your business operating smoothly with remote workers, it is essential that you re-evaluate your security policies and procedures.

Increase Vigilance for Phishing Attacks
The urgency of the COVID-19 crisis is providing a golden opportunity for cybercriminals looking to target at-home workers with phishing emails looking to capture personal information.

Lock Down Your Zoom and other teleconferencing solutions
Zoom, the teleconferencing service that everyone seems to be using, has come under considerable criticism for revelations that their tools lack important security measures, allowing unauthorized personnel to join meetings by using public meeting IDs — it’s called “Zoombombing.” It’s time to lock that down:

Take Advantage of Your Vendor’s Tools
In many cases, technology vendors are making software and resources available for free during this emergency. Microsoft is extending the use of Teams software to all organizations that are licensed to use Office 365. There are dozens of other companies offering solutions for free, including Adobe, Slack, Atlassian, and more. See the links below.

Call SRN if you need help
We are here to help! Contact SRN if you need any advice on scaling-up your company’s secure remote access, cloud computing, collaboration tools, and other capabilities.



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