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What IT Support Should Entail


When owning a business, it is imperative to make sure that your potential IT issues are identified and taken care of before they become a real threat to the business.

What IT Support Should Entail2020-07-23T08:15:19-07:00

Cradlepoint Saved Me!


Written by: Todd Dorn, Sr. Information Security Engineer at Secured Retail Cradlepoint saved my butt! While performing regular upgrades on a distributed remote network for a client, I ran into an issue where the firewall at one of the sites would not boot up. I was able to immediately use the Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) to log into the Cradlepoint at this site and then use the serial connection to view the firewall’s boot sequence. I found a bad image and used it to break the boot sequence, soon forcing the device to boot up with its backup firmware and image. [...]

Cradlepoint Saved Me!2020-07-23T08:15:20-07:00

Importance of Network Security


In 2013, hackers exposed 110 million of Target’s customers’ personal data records. Since the breach, the company has spent $1 billion in technology and supply chains to build a secure network and to prevent anything like this from hurting them and their customers again. So what is the importance of network security? Retailers must build secure networks to protect the company and customer data. Investments in network security can prevent data breaches, which can help retain customers. For Target, vulnerabilities in their network made the infamous data breach possible. The cost of the data breach included legal and monetary costs; but [...]

Importance of Network Security2020-07-23T08:15:20-07:00

The Apple VS. FBI Debate and The Future of Cybersecurity


In the Apple versus FBI debate, the political and national security issues are proving to be an issue for the tech world. In this debate: technology, data, and data security are inevitability crossing paths with government investigations and national security. On one hand, we want to keep America secure from outside attacks, but in doing so we would be breaching security from within, which would put our cyber-security at risk. On December 2nd, 2015, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire in San Bernardino. This attack has re-entered as trending news in the latest Apple versus FBI debate because the FBI [...]

The Apple VS. FBI Debate and The Future of Cybersecurity2020-07-23T08:15:20-07:00
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